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About the Artist

canadian artist linda laforge in her studio working on a pet portrait
I'll have to update this pic soon! I've grown my grey out during the pandemic...

Linda’s favourite spot is on her couch with her laptop humming, or in her studio working on private commissions or her own visual art, where her office manager, Mr. Rooney, oversees all projects. He’s a tough boss, randomly ripping things up. Mr. Rooney doesn’t let his diminutive size or being a cat influence his position.

As a creative, Linda has more than 25 years experience as a graphic designer, working for small business. With her Teaching & Training Adults and Creativity, Innovation & Change Certificate from Penn State University, Linda taught design students at Barrie’s Georgian College. She’s been a working member of the Barrie Arts Committee and a founding member and organizer for Word Up, a local all genres reading series since 2014.

When she’s not making people laugh while drawing caricatures at private functions or festivals, Linda’s creating in her studio. If Mr. Rooney permits, she reruns X-Files or an old movie as background noise. Her work incorporates themes of loss and spirit, with concerns for our climate system, biodiversity, and the collapse of societal  and ecological norms .

Her first book of science fiction, Ashes, a girl. a baby. a mass extermination, was published in 2013. Anyone Can Draw in Ten Sessions, a book with skill building exercises that teach anyone to draw, was published in 2012.

You can get a few free colouring and project pages from her 2017 colouring book, We Be Dragons, a book of dragons produced to inspire you to find peaceful moments and creative solutions through the meditative practice of colouring. Her newest colouring book on trees is in development.

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“A gifted artist who possesses an articulate eye and a gifted hand.”
~ Bruce Meyer 

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