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Artist Linda Laforge

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Greta Thunberg, Prepped and Protected

Greta Thunberg portrait with cletic art and caricature designs

Since the pandemic started, most of us can say our leaders here in Canada have done a good job. Trudeau hasn’t only protected us, he’s helped the big oil companies too. I suppose he’s protecting jobs? An important industry?

Back when Justin Trudeau launched his bid for the Liberal leadership in 2012, he made backing Alberta’s energy sector a defining personal vow. One must honour their promises!

I first envisioned Junior riding a pipeline when the Canadian federal government announced its intent to acquire the Trans Mountain Pipeline from Kinder Morgan for $4.5 billion in 2018. Now our federal government (us) is saddled the with a pipeline from Alberta’s oil patch to British Columbia’s coast that nobody else wants. First Nations groups are largely against it, as are environmentalist.

I’ve framed this one in a metal cog, as it’s all part of the machinery. The panel to the left shows pipes framing a symbol of fertility married with the bio-hazard symbol, One I’m particularly proud of, To the right, you see the oil wells sucking the earth dry and contributing to the pollution behind Justin. In the panel below, the pipe spills oil on a turtle, symbol of mother earth and nature.

Acrylic on 18” x 18” wood canvas

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Copyright © 2020 Linda Laforge

Barrie | Ontario | Canada