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Celtic Art Portfolio

Contemporary Celtic Art A friend of mine had a book filled with these really cool designs....


Featured Celtic Art, back and white illustrations and paintings
  • Celtic roots tree design
  • Zoomorphic of dragon celtic knot in ring
  • dragons cover design for dragon colouring book
  • Winged dragon illustration in round frame
  • Merlin the magician or olde faerie lore
  • Celtic Tree of Life with Oberon, King of the little people, pen and ink
  • Dragon formed into a Celtic knot frame
  • Contemporary Celtic Knot Design, hand drawn, digital creation
  • Morgana, Lady of the Lake, celtic not design
  • Fairy, faerie, with celtic knot and planet earth
  • Celtic Yin Yang tree design
  • celtic knot dragon twins mandella
  • dragon celtic knot design, dragon have a bath

Contemporary Celtic Art

A friend of mine had a book filled with these really cool designs. When he lent it to me I told him he may not get it back. I wasn’t lying. I still have it!

Courtney Davis and Archibald Knox were inspired by the earliest people, known as Celts. They lived across Europe from Hungary in the East to Ireland in the West, dipping south into Spain and north to the Baltic Seas. As the Roman Empire expanded it fought to conquer and replace it with Roman culture and art. The Celtic way of life was removed from continental Europe over the centuries. They tried conquering Ireland many times, but failed.

Celtic art, specifically the knot and spiral designs Linda loves to draw and design, is spiritual and nature based. Most of the common symbols represent the seasons, life cycles and the divine. “I create celtic art because I love the colourful stories and that it reminds me of my own connection to life and that I’m part of something greater, and beautiful.”

If you’d like an original design created for you, contact Linda today!

  • Celtic Cross and Candle
  • Contemporary celtic knot design of a cat dreaming of being a dragon slaying a mouse
  • Contemporary Celtic Knot Design
  • Celtic Butterfly Knot designed for tattoo

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