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Artist Linda Laforge

Barrie | Ontario | Canada Copyright © 2020 Linda Laforge

Portrait Drawing in Process

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Youtube video of drawing in progress

This video was created over four years ago, so I do apologize if the quality isn’t up to par.

You will see from my drawing technique, that I begin with a very light pencil. It’s amazing if the camera does pick it up, as I can sometimes barely see it. I outline all of the basic detail, including where shading will begin and end. It can look a lot like a typographical map of a face. I ensure I have all of the details right before I start shading. This saves a lot of time and frustration, as it’s difficult to erase shading from darker pencils later on.

This is one of my THEN AND NOW portraits, where we see a young and slightly less young Harry Potter. I hope you enjoy watching the drawing come to life as the darker shading is added.

This video is a whopping 12 minutes, and is obviously sped up. It took me days to draw the Harries.

Expect a new video at some point in the coming year from a new camera! Feel free to suggest my newest subject by contacting me.

Sped up Video of the drawing of Harry Potter

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