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Portrait Drawing in Process

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Youtube video of drawing in progress
Youtube video of drawing in progress

Portrait Drawing in Process

Category Pencil Drawings
Date May 14, 2015

This video was created over four years ago, so I do apologize if the quality isn’t up to par.

You will see from my drawing technique, that I begin with a very light pencil. It’s amazing if the camera does pick it up, as I can sometimes barely see it. I outline all of the basic detail, including where shading will begin and end. It can look a lot like a typographical map of a face. I ensure I have all of the details right before I start shading. This saves a lot of time and frustration, as it’s difficult to erase shading from darker pencils later on.

This is one of my THEN AND NOW portraits, where we see a young and slightly less young Harry Potter. I hope you enjoy watching the drawing come to life as the darker shading is added.

This video is a whopping 12 minutes, and is obviously sped up. It took me days to draw the Harries.

Expect a new video at some point in the coming year from a new camera! Feel free to suggest my newest subject by contacting me.

Sped up Video of the drawing of Harry Potter

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Thanks for watching!

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