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Artist Linda Laforge

Barrie | Ontario | Canada Copyright © 2020 Linda Laforge

Prime Minister of Pipelines

Political caricature portrait Justin Trudeau with celtic knot border

I had a vision of young Greta Thunberg needing armour, to be protected from the small minded, billionaire misogynists posting bizarre articles belittling and sexualizing her. Is that any way to treat a young lady who wants what we all want and need? A future. That requires a clean, healthy home.

Greta is framed by four panels, each  a contemporary celtic knot design entangled with symbols of today’s world. Top left, a pyramid with a coin in it representing greed. Top right, industry and big pharma. Bottom left I had some fun mixing visual metaphors – Uncle Sam with a swastica, waving a flag with an eye like the one from Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale. Keep looking. There’s more! bottom right I’ve given you a three headed party member hydra.

The four circular designs, representing nature elements are overpowered by the larger panels.

Acrylic painting on 18” x 28” illustration board

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Story of Now

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Copyright © 2020 Linda Laforge

Barrie | Ontario | Canada