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10 minute MoMonday's talk

Published January 23, 2020

Speaking to Share at MoMondays

Speaking to Share at MoMondays

WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?… momondays Barrie | December 2, 2019

Everyone has problems – work, money, relationships and not all solutions fit all people. I’ve suffered the loss of my immediate family (both my older brothers and parents far too young), struggled with the pain and discomfort of IBS since childhood, and am a self-employed visual artist in an uncertain world. I’ve developed creative problem-solving techniques through my practice of art, which translates into all aspects of my life.

I share some personal stuff, try to offer a few laughs and offer tips on how I solve my life’s problems. I hope you enjoy this!

For more information about momondays https://momondays.com | Real People, Real Stories, Real Inspiration.

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